and I know you're thinking what in the world is she going on about now.

Well for YEARS, I have always been all about sharing information with you all my guests, my BNB family members and now it's time to get you all involved and I really want to stay on top of keeping you guys engaged so look for weekly newsletters with links to blog posts (if you haven't signed up for the newsletter- DO THAT!! because in addition to all this you also get more love coming your way in the form of coupon codes that are exclusive to subscribers ) and I will be posting several times a week here, will be doing instructionals for all you DIYers, information about products and RECIPES!!

If you've been here for a while and have seen my blog posts from years gone past you know I love to cook and I love to cook using healthy clean ingredients and I love showing and sharing how you CAN make awesome tasting food that isn't loaded with crud and LOTS of them use ingredients you can buy right here (because we need products that pull double duty and are literally good enough to eat).

So this is my official first blog posts here, we're also going to be sharing information with you all on our B.Y.O.B. Project. That's BUILD YOUR OWN BRAND. Over the years Butters-N-Bars(beautynaturalsexpress) has had the pleasure of being a wholesale source for lots of you starting out making your own bath and body and hair care products and we've also had the pleasure of sharing some resources with you all and now, in the wake of so many people making bogus promises and having us spending our hard earned money and still not giving you the #realrap start up advise that you need. We are opening our doors to this venue as well, so stay tuned for more info on that.

Also excited to share our instagram with lots of foodie pics that we are sharing there so follow us @just1recipe on instagram

So keep your eyes peeled here, it's gonna be fun and I thank you all for always being here #justlikefamily

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