Welcome To Beauty Naturals Express

Devoted to bringing you the best handmade products with the highest quality ingredients and all based from the Purest Organic Raw Materials on the Planet and  being a place for all you who love to create your own a venue to be able to affordably source high quality ingredients for your own projects.

Offering the best Prices on Fair Trade shea butter helps to support the Women's Cooperative of the Tamale and Wa tribes in Ghana West Africa and the Women's cooperatives of Uganda East Africa...purchasing fair trade whenever possible in order to help others to have a higher standard of living, and helping makes us all feel good!

We're committed to family, just like you Real people helping real people. We are all on our own personal journeys and it helps to know you're not alone. From Natural Hair Care, to caring for your skin naturally and answering your questions with real advice...not Google answers.

I am not a doctor nor is any advice given from anyone affiliated with this site or given directly on this site intended as a substitute for medical advice, Who I am is a homeopath who prides herself in all the research she has done to improve her life, the lives of her family, and of many others.

Educating, Empowering and Enriching

Who I am is a 'napptural woman' and have been since 2004 and not looking back , happy to share this walk with you and answer any questions you may have or problems you may be experiencing along the way!

Who I am is a real person, a daughter, a mother, a sister, a 'birthgiver', and so many other titles that I can't mention them all and am proud to share them with other real people like you. Here to give you the best!
You can Be Beautiful Naturally...Believe It

What we do:

*Use only the freshest unrefined butters and oils.
*Provide you with the best customer service and real answers.
*Try to make our customers and guests informed consumers so they make the best choices- Beauty Naturals Express/Butters-N-Bars is not all about profit margins, we are also a service to help you maintain a natural lifestyle of healing and nurturing because that's what you deserve
*Produce High quality skin and hair care products suitable for your entire family *Strive to keep it fresh, constantly created new blends and scents for your healthy skin and hair care. I am also happy to provide individualised consult to my customers for a nominal fee, and of course we're always available to answer product questions and how-to's or even make general recommendations for absolutely free :-)
In a nutshell, we're here for you to provide the best, to help you help families by sourcing sustainable products from cooperatives and trustworthy supliers that follow the same standards as we do...making sure that we are "trading fairly" in every possible instance and that makes everyone feel good about what we do!