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Jamila Summercrop Henna Powder

Jamila Summercrop Henna Powder

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Jamila Summercrop 2021

Jamila Henna Powders are a long time staple for artists and Henna Heads alike.

Trusted for purity and quality, Jamila Summercrop has higher lawsone content and a baby powder sift, that means no little twigs in your hair, no clogged tips and no more wasting your nylons- yes it's all that!

Summercrop is for People who crave a little more coloring from their henna in addition to conditioning .This henna is triple sifted and allows for more penetration of the hair shaft which means more color. This is henna also has dye release in about 2-3 hours and it's ready to use.

Unlike Rajisthani, Jamila gives firey reds and now we're featuring It is our Cocoa Brown, Burgundy, and Henndigo hair bundles!

Henna is also great for beards :-)



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