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Organic Shea Oil(Olein) 8.5 fl oz

Organic Shea Oil(Olein) 8.5 fl oz

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Shea oil possesses all of the beneficial properties of shea butter. Shea Oil is obtained by fractionating shea butter to separate the olein (liquid) and the Stearin (solid).

*This oil does solidify when it's cold but returns to it's liquid state readily at room temp

Shea Olein is a high value ingredient for cosmetics due to its high content of unsaponifiables, UV absorbing properties and essential fatty acid triglycerides. Among many uses, shea oil can be used as sun care and after sun product, hand and body lotions, shaving and depilatory preparations first aid creams, bath oil rubs, liniments, ointments and many more.

Shea Oil also makes an excellent scalp moisturiser preventing dryness, breakage, and repair those split ends!

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