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Organic Cassia Auriculata (Neutral Henna Powder) 100 gram

Organic Cassia Auriculata (Neutral Henna Powder) 100 gram

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Cassia (AKA Neutral Henna Powder) helps repair damaged hair and make it thick, soft and healthy . Cassia does not color dark hair blonde or golden, but will color bleached,light blond or gray hair. Excellent for use as a conditioner in the same way henna is which is why it is called 'neutral henna' because cassia powder does NOT color dark hair gold or blonde just strengthens and conditions. Cassia only colors gray, bleached or blonde hair gold in color. So want the benefits of henna powder without the color, this is where you need to be :-D Please note cassia powder is often called cassia obovata, which is actually incorrect! Cassia Auriculata is the correct name of the "neutral henna" powder that we use for hair care purposes. Our suppliers have taken the time to have our powders tested taxonomically and identified that the original name is Cassia auriculata. They've even gone th eextra mile and tested other powders labeled as Obovata and found that the species is the same!(more quality you can trust) PLEASE NOTE THE PRODUCT INSET IS ONLY FOR IDENTIFICATION PURPOSES, NEW CROPS ARRIVE 3-4 TIMES EACH YEAR SO IT'S GUARANTEED FRESH!


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