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Organic East African Shea Olein

Organic East African Shea Olein

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EVERYTHING YOU LOVE ABOUT OUR LUSCIOUS EAST AFRICAN SHEA IN A SILKY LIQUID! Shea Olein (aka liquid shea butter) is the all natural goodness of our East African Shea Butter in an easily applicable liquid form. This is manufactured by the same family cooperatives in Uganda, East Africa and is certified organic. The Shea Olein posseses the same healing and moisturizing properties of the East African Shea but this makes it a lighter application which is great for massage or for use as a hair oil, great for head to toe application just made easier (is that possible!? ABSOLUTELY) THE OLEIN, JUST LIKE THE BUTTER IS COMPLETELY CHEMICAL FREE. Extracted mechanically and Micron Filtered for 100% purity you can trust, in fact this food grade olein is good enough to eat- LITERALLY! This is the gift they'll thank you for all year long, or gift yourself and you'll be happy too:-) Great for infant massage and treating cradle cap!


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