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Organic Unrefined East African Shea Butter (Vitellaria nilotica)

Organic Unrefined East African Shea Butter (Vitellaria nilotica)

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We all love shea butter and as shea butter connoisseurs we deserve the best of the best. East African is the shea butter for the ones who love shea butter and the ones who hate shea butter.

It has a milder scent than West African Shea and a lighter "touch" meaning it absorbs even better (DID YOU KNOW IT WAS POSSIBLE)


Well aside from geography At room temperature the shea that comes from Eastern Africa is semi-solid and is softer than West African shea butter making it quicker and easier to apply. It glides on when you rub it into the skin and is creamier and silky, making it quick and easy to apply.

East African shea butter is also slightly in higher therapeutic properties and has a sweeter much more mild scent than West African shea butter.

Eastern African shea butter is more difficult to source because of lower shea production and also because of civil unrest in some countries in the East African Region. We work with over 2000 families in Lira, Northern Uganda who collect the shea nuts and sell to the factory. We are also empowering these families by educating them on sustainable agricultural practices so that they are able to preserve the shea parklands.

Our new partnership involves region that suffered a civil war under the leadership of rebel leader Joseph Kony for over two decades and that is why the Shea butter from Uganda is still scarce on the Market. Our main goal in this partnership is to continue to help empower these families and assist them as they reclaim their lives and strive for a better future. So purchasing this (and all our butters) helps to support those women of the villages we by from as well!

In Order to maintain high standards for certification and exporting, the butter is transported by cart to the processing plant where it is purified, filtered and stored in hygienic metal drums without the use of chemical solvents or hexanes.

Our East African Shea Butter is of superior quality, and because it is COMPLETELY UNREFINED (RAW), it has a mild aroma with an earthy, characteristic, nutty scent, a light yellow color, and a soft, sometimes grainy texture (which dissipates readily when applied to skin). So stop reading and click whenever you're ready to experience shea again for the first time.

After and years and years of searching WE'VE FINALLY GOT IT JUST FOR YOU!!


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