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Pure Authentic Raw African Black Soap

Pure Authentic Raw African Black Soap

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You want the 'real thing' with no additives, here you go...

Authentic Raw African Black Soap freshly handmade from Ghana.

It is soft and malleable,overall dark in color with a rich lather and is also perfect for crafters who enjoy making their own shampoo. Soft enough to be broken for use as a shampoo or body bar but remember don't leave it sitting in water because you may come back to mush (which could still be used, but we'll talk about that later)

I even use black soap to remove spots from carpet and clothing!

Can be used to treat certain skin conditions and makes a wonderful 'shampoo' bar. You'll love it's fresh scent .

Ingredients:Roasted cocoa(Chocolate) Pods and Plantain Skins, Palm Oil, Water


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