It's All About Family...Stop the Spread

Hello Beautiful,

Here at BeautyNaturalsExpress your personal safety and that of your family is our top priority so on top of things we always did to ensure product integrity (handwashing, wearing gloves, sanitizing production areas and machines, etc) we want to take a moment to remind you to take care of you first.

In this past week alone, we have seen more than 1 MILLION new infections across the US and reports showing over a 1,000 deaths EVERY SINGLE DAY with the CDC projecting that between now and the end of November 2020 there will be more than 40,000 deaths right here.

My family was recently touched very unexpectedly, as my oldest son's father went from being a relatively healthy 44 year old, to being on a ventilator, to taking his last breaths in only a week's time. This thing holds so much uncertainty and in so indiscriminate in who it touches and HOW, it's such a huge gamble so from our family to yours PLEASE stay diligent in precautionary measures. Stay at home whenever possible, no large gatherings, skip the gym for open air or at home workouts, get your food to-go, wear your mask and social distance and nurture your physical and mental self because that's a big part.

Stopping the spread isn't about a president, governor or mayor mandating these things, it's about taking control of your safety and those around you by doing your part because we're family...stay safe