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Germanium Energy Ion Shower Filter

Germanium Energy Ion Shower Filter

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This is truly the most advanced shower technology of its kind. With no filter to replace and a lifetime of use it will be one of your best purchases ever. Did you know that our skin is the largest organ in the body? That's right... And during a shower we can absorb 1/2 - 1 cup of water. Regular Tap water supplies contains chlorine, chemicals, bacteria, parasites and other pathogens. Multifunctional energy shower head is made up of Germanium & Tourmaline ceramic balls in the handle that release negative ions It will remove chlorine, bacteria, parasites, mold allergens & more from the water. No filters to replace or clean, will not rust Rejuvenates the skin, energizing, refreshes, stimulates scalp and skin. Hair will feel and look fuller, silkier and softer and skin will tighten the pores and glow moisturizing as well as prevent skin aging. Tourmaline balls in the handle will release ions which when inhaled can have a very healthy effect on the lungs improving metabolism. Negative Ions spa capabilities There are ceramic balls of Tourmaline in the handle that releases negative ions which is assured to be “longevity process” after using. It also conditions the body and the nervous system improving ventilation for lung, enhancing metabolism and at the same time fully charging and triggering water and antibacterial. Germanium induction It has the ability to release negative electrons to counterbalance the excrescent dirty positive electron when the temperature goes up to 32’ C. Germanium also helps in removing chlorine from tap water which prevents aging and shrinking of pores, making you feel more lively and healthier. Helps you save water!! The shower head comes with many tiny cone-shaped water holes with adjustable closure system which helps you, conserve water. It has been noted that you can effectively save 30 to 35 percent of water flow. The ION Shower Head is the most advanced water purification instrument available today. It Eliminates: Odor Bacteria Chlorine Parasites Chemicals And More... It Produces: Infrared Rays, Chloride Ions negative Ions ,Purified Water Do it for yourself, Do it for Your Health


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