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Nourishing Herbal Hair Masque

Nourishing Herbal Hair Masque

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A wonderful new spin to an old favorite...If you Love Ayurveda as much as I do this is a MUST Try!

Our New Nourishing Herbal Hair Masque is a deep conditioning treatment which has all natural ingredients including Brahmi to thicken and soften, Jaswand to cleanse and add sheen(Red Hibiscus), Amla to strengthen and restore curl patterns, marshmallow root to condition and add sheen while thickening hair strands and more to fortify your hair and leave it soft, manageable, and healthy!!


The masque is applied similar to henna and hair should be covered using a conditioning hair  cap, plastic bag/wrap or even a plastic shower cap. Leave on for as little as 30 minutes or if you've got time can be left on overnight. Rinse well with warm water until your water runs clear...just that easy :)


Ingredients:100% Moroccan Mud (Rhasshoul clay), Organic Aloe Vera Juice*, Organic Virgin Olive Oil* ,Organic Raw Honey*, Floral Waters Of Roman Chamomile, Yarrow Extract, Marshmallow Root, Brahmi, Jaswand Hibiscus Powder, Organic Amla, Calendula Flowers Powder, Organic Fo-Ti Root Powder*, Sorbic Acid(preservative)


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