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Organic Black Castor Oil (Indian)

Organic Black Castor Oil (Indian)

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yes the BCO has arrived and we're here for it!

Black Castor Oil actually comes from the same seed (are the same) as regular organic castor oil but the difference lies in the fact that the seeds are first roasted which raises the PH giving the finished product it's darker color, different smell and due to it's being alkaline it is wonderful to solve a number of skin and hair issues related to our bodies being to acidic (dandruff, dryness, dermatitus, eczema, acne- THE LIST GOES ON!)

This wonderful oil is sourced from India, the same origin of our organic amla, sweet almond oil and most of our ayurvedic powders to help you have the healthiest skin and hair possible

It's a wonderful addition to your natural self care arsenal and we've got it!


Ingredients: Organic Black Castor Oil (Indian)


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