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Pure Black Currant Oil 15% GLA

Pure Black Currant Oil 15% GLA

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Good for you inside and out Black Currant Oil is extracted from the seed of the plant Ribes Nigrum.

It is known to be rich in the Omega 6 essential fatty acid GLA (gamma-linolenic acid C18:3n-6) and is also a good source of ALA (α-linolenic acid C18:3n-3), an Omega 3 essential fatty acid. The GLA content of this Black Currant Oil is 15%.

Black Currant Oil, along with borage,flax, and evening primrose, are all known as female hormone balancing oils. Safe for consumption taking 1-2 spoonfuls daily will help to regulate hormonal imbalances associated with menstruation and the menopausal condition.


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