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Raw African Black Soap with Shea Butter

Raw African Black Soap with Shea Butter

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Love Original Black Soap but find it too drying or a little "too cleansing' for your sensitive skin? Then this is your answer! Now we are proud to have Raw African Black soap with shea butter.

This black soap cleanses just as well as the original, is handmade in Ghana with much love in the same way, but this soap is made using shea butter instead of Palm kernel Oil like the original Black soap. What does that mean to you?? That means you get a gentler, more moisturising cleanser that is made with a whopping 50% shea butter Despite it's shea content, you still get tons of clean and tons of lather in a milder soap that can be used as a facial cleanser, body bar, and shampoo bar that is an excellent choice for people who may be prone to drying or have sensitive skin. Just like the original it is totally vegan and completely natural.

Typically a little lighter in color than original black soap, but as with any natural product color may vary. Get Ready to Love Black Soap Again (for the first time :-)

Please Note this item maybe crumbly upon arrival. This is simply a cosmetic issue and easily rectified by following the simple steps below in the "tips for use"! by just adding a little water* *We forego this step (adding water to the soap) because we want to deliver the most Virgin Product available.


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